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We would like to present to you the first tokens from our special NFT collection - the title of nobility Arcona Metaverse, which will be created in collaboration with our community. The minting of these tokens means the distribution of rare NFTs among our community as a reward for participating in the creation of the Augmented Reality World, in the development of the economy and the discovery of new lands in the world of Arkona.

You will be able to link this award and title to your online account and host the 3D model on your AR domain for display to people in the real world. Token holders will be provided with various types of preferences, the packages of which are currently being formed. We invite you to take part in this creative challenge and offer your ideas and wishes, as you will soon become the owner of these exciting awards.

Also, thanks to your ideas and advice, we are launching a new farming program within a few next days, and rare tokens will be distributed among all those who support the liquidity pool replenishment. Part of the tokens will be minted for sale, and we will replenish the liquidity pool from our side with the proceeds.